Blockchain-based information
curation platform

Using the value of blockchain transparency and tokenization capabilities focusing on service usability rather than technology focus on easier-to-use real-world services.

Scale of the Intra-Site Protocol

Insite Protocol improves the completeness of the service by focusing on usability.

By providing more contribution rewards to a small number of information producers and by rewarding a large number of information consumers (services users) who are first-class contributors to advertising revenue generation, we are making sure that all stakeholders are rewarded.


Block Insight

Stock Insight

Trip Insight

Recipe Insight

INX Token Economy

The token is designed to build a stable economic system by securing a stable source of demand for the INX token and providing lock-up capabilities for users with INX.


1 When receiving advertising from the service platform of the Insight Protocol

If you are participating in an evaluation of the content provided by the service platform

When you provide activity data from the service platform to Insight Protocol

When content from the service platform is shared to the subscriber's SNS (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

When a service platform is recommended to a subscriber's acquaintance

Token Rewards when Participating in Events Offered by the Service Platform

2 Content creator

The content creator consists of reporters, informants, and partners.

Content creator will compensate tokens when content is produced and delivered to the service platform

3 advertising note

Advertisers can pay their advertising fees with INNX Token.

4 Company

If you purchase your activity information, you can purchase it on INX.

Token Information & Assignment

In-Site Protocol's INSite token is issued up to 2 billion in five years.

INX Mining's token payment is a token that is intended to be continuous or eventful to ecosystem contributors in the execution of a DAPAP service through the Insight protocol. The amount of mining for users varies depending on the contribution points of the ecosystem throughout the day, and can be changed according to the Insight protocol policy.


2,000 M


400 M


1 INX = 0.1 USDT







PRIVATE 최소 투자금액

US$ 88,488 이상

Blocklnsight DApp Service

Insight ecosystem that delivers blockchain news and useful information through Block Insight DApp.

Technical Benefits - Three



Market Information

It provides fast and accurate blockchain news and transparent services that reward all users' activities with the INX tokens In particular, through an official API content agreement with the Dunamu for the first time in the industry, we provide fast and accurate real-time transaction information to BlockInsight Dapp.

Road map

Inside Protocols extend the ecosystem around DAPP.


1Q Building a Project Team

2Q Project WhitePaper 1.0

3Q Design & Development Insight Protocol Development Blockinsight DAPP


1Q EDesign and Development of Extended Service (Security, Food, Travel)

2Q Listing on Exchange market

3Q “Insight Protocol” update

4Q Listing on Global Exchange market


1Q Entry into the Asian market(Target to secure 5 million)Securing core partners overseas “Insight Protocol” update

2Q Listing on Global Exchange market Launch ‘Stock Insight’


1Q Entering the global market (target of 30 million) Launch ‘Trip Insight’

2Q Branch office expansion by country

3Q Launch ‘Gourmet Insight’

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question that users often ask. Ask me individually for further questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.

What does the INX token seek?

The main goal is to use it in areas close to life, especially in providing transparent information about block chains.

How will the INX token be used?

Through collaboration with many partners, customers will grow and be used to meet needs.

What is the future direction of the INX token?

Through the expansion of strong DApp, the company broadens the INX-token ecosystem and focuses on the compensation of actual users.

What is the purpose of the INX token?

We want to create a balanced ecosystem of information production and information consumption in the blockchain ecosystem, and we want to establish a global ecosystem where both information providers and consumers can receive transparent compensation for their activities.


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